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Precision Die Cutting Services

Precision Die Cutting & Other Services

Since it's inception in 1964 D V Die Cutting has grown from a basement business to a 37M square foot facility and together with its' two sister companies employs about 55 employees.

Our precision die cutting process starts with receiving a request for quote from our customer. We offer truly Custom Die Cutting services. We can produce precision parts from a sketch, drawing, or cad file. Once we receive the order, a process is produced with our precision E2 Shoptimizer software. This enables us to track the job through our system from start to finish. Tool making is the first step of the production process. We verify our tools on our coordinate measuring machine to assure the dimensions on the tool are correct before the tool is put into production. When the tool has passed through quality control the operator sets the machinery up and produces a first piece. No part can go into production without being signed off by our ISO 9000/2000 registered quality department. Another part of our precision die cutting service involves inspection. Depending on the size of the order there are periodical inspections along with a final inspection.

Our services are mostly centered around precision die cutting. We manufacture gaskets for automotive applications, enclosures, nema 4 sealing applications, or small engines. Electrical insulators with high temperature materials are used in medical devices, computers, high tech electronics amongst many other applications. Novelty die cutting has been a part of our culture for many years. We have done parts for some of the largest game manufactures in the world.

Precision die cutting of foam has also been a good part of our sales. We manufacture parts used for sound dampening in enclosures, specialty packaging, cushioning, and vibration control.

At D V Die Cutting we also perform many other operations. Some of these are Laminating of adhesives, Parts Assemblies, shrink wrapping, Forming of plastics, machining, routing, as well as Sheeting and Slitting. There are many selling points to our precision die cutting services. Our success over the years is due to our meeting our customers' requirements, shipping on time, quality, service and price.

We have been a 3M converter for over 35 years. A lot of our customers require specialty adhesives on almost any material. Precision kiss cutting of material with adhesives on them is another process we do. We use other adhesives from suppliers such as Fasson, Adchem, Mactac, and Adhesive Specialties as part of our precision die cutting process.

Although D V Die produces a lot of parts using non-metallic materials, we also do precision stampings of metals with our sister company Advanced Engineering. They have punch press capabilities up to 75 tons and punch various metals.

In house tool making saves us time and money. If a tool needs to be repaired, our tool department can have the tool back in production quickly saving valuable time. Making steel rule dies in house enables us to turn jobs around with a day or two if necessary. As a precision die cutting service, we have the ability to meet the demanding deadlines of our customers. Our tool department helps give that ability.

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