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DV Die Cutting Inc.

DV Die Cutting Inc. has over forty years of experience in Custom Die Cutting of non-metallic materials. We manufacture die cut parts for the Electronic, Industrial, Medical and Commercial Markets in our Danvers, Massachusetts facility. D V Die cutting is established as one of the leading custom die cutting services and converters in the United States as well as many other countries.

Along with the fabrication of many different materials, we make our own steel rule dies to within +/-.005. We also supply solid tooling to within +/-.002. We are certified to the ISO-9002 quality standards. Our inclusive E2 management and operation system enables us to track your order from start to finish. This allows us to deliver your products on time, even under tight delivery requirements. As well as providing custom die cutting services, we also provide CNC Milling & Turning, as well as Pressure and Vacuum Forming, screen printing services and Assemblies .

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